NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap

New innovation of deep cleansing soap with maximum skin nourishment that can clean the makeup thoroughly without causing the skin to become dry which is one of the causes of wrinkles.

NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap gives soft foam texture which makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Also revitalizing rough skin to be smooth, moist and pleasant to the touch with 10 kinds of natural extracts while helping to adjust the structure of the skin to be strong. NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap also helps reduce inflammation of acne as well as adjust all skin types to whiten effectively and get rid of dull skin problems. It’s time to take care of your skin thoroughly with pure gold soap from NOWSO.

NOWSO soap is gentle on the skin because there is no component of the detergent (soap base) and SLS that is harmful to the skin is safe and applicable to all skin types.

Important ingredients

Selecting more than 10 kinds of natural ingredients

Extract from pure gold stimulate collagen and reduce inflammation of the skin that is attacked by UV light

Horse oil extract revitalize the skin Helps make the skin smoother and firmer

Mallow reduces inflammation of the skin and helps neutralize free radicals

Aloe Vera helps to soften, moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation

Chamomile deeply cleanses pores

Cocos Nucifier Oil helps to slow down the aging process

Cucumber extract always keeps the skin youthful

Lady’s mantle brightens skin

Vitamin E strengthens cell walls make the skin cells get stronger

Collagen restores elasticity to firm skin

No hazardous substances, SLS, Paraben and Triclosan

Who is NOWSO Whitening cleaning soap suitable for?

People who want to wash their face thoroughly in one step

The skin needs deep cleaning

The skin has a lot of cosmetics

Skin that is attacked by sunlight and UV rays

Skin that needs to build strength to the skin layer

Skin that needs clarity

How to use

Drop little water onto the soap to create a bubble. Bring the foam to gently wash the face and cosmetics. Lightly circulate so that the bubbles get deep into the pores, then rinse with clean water. Use to wash the skin both morning and evening regularly. Use with Madonna lily serum and gold horse oil facial cream for better results.


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