NOWSO Perfect Sunscreen

UVA and UVB from the sun cause dull skin, dark spots and acne. Sunscreen is essential for skin care to ensure that the skin is adequately protected from sunlight. NOWSO Perfect Sunscreen, sunscreen products that effectively protect the skin from UVA and UVB. Copyright of NOWSO, produced in Korea and certified by FDA in Korea. NOWSO Perfect Sunscreen provides maximum protection with SPF 50+ and PA ++++, tested by labs in Korea as well. NOWSO Perfect  Sunscreen provides protection and rejuvenation at the same time. Helps to nourish the skin to be soft, not dry, and no color. So, it does not interfere with makeup, absorbs quickly, easy to spread, and does not leave oily stains on the face.

Important ingredients

Horse oil extract protect the skin from UVA and UVB. Helps prevent freckles, dark spots and prevent skin cancer with SPF50 +

Vitamin B3 helps the skin soft and not dry

Who is Sun Soo suitable for?

Skin that needs protection and nourishment at the same time

Skin damaged by sunlight, UV light and pollution

Oily skin that does not want sunscreen to leave oiliness on the face

Dry skin that needs nourishment and sunscreen

Sensitive skin because there is no mixture of harmful substances or prohibited substances

How to use

Squeeze the right amount of sunscreen from the tube. Point down on the face and gently massage. Apply sunscreen before facing the sun for 15-20 minutes and can be applied several times during the day


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