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We understand every women’s deepest fear when confronting a mirror- signs of ageing. Do you remember how old you were when you noticed the first fine line on your face? That is why at NOWSO, we are passionate in making every women pay attention to every detail. Do not let your youth unknowingly fade away with time. We cannot stop time- but the same cannot be said for ageing. All that is needed is your attention.

NOWSO Golden Horse Oil Facial Cream

The ultimate skin cream made from Horse Oil extract imported from Germany fused with the benefits of 24k Gold extract. The Cream is clinically tested in Korea with improved texture- NOWSO’s métier. Rich with natural ingredients, it is chemically engineered to shield the skin against the harsh tropical climate of Thailand while suitable for all skin types. Its smooth texture is non greasy, and will not leave excess oil residue. The Cream fixes damaged cells while providing natural protection for the skin and maintaining its moisture balance. It will also act as an anti-ageing agent, nourishing the skin to produce a smoother, softer and brighter skin with elevated radiance. Your skin will be healthier in a way you can feel it.

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NOWSO Perfect Sunscreen

NOWSO’s exclusive sunblock is made in Korea and certified by FDA of Korea to provide the ultimate protection with SPF 50+ and PA ++++. It is passed the test from the laboratory in Korea with the protective sunscreen coming together with Vitamin B3 to nourish the skin to become soft and moist. As it is colorless, it does not interfere the makeup. It can be quickly absorbed, easily spread, and it does not leave stain on the facial skin.

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NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap

Cleansing soap is for cleaning the facial skin while nourishing the skin. It can thoroughly clean the cosmetics completely and deeply without dry skin, which is also one of the causes of wrinkles. Moreover, there are also the ingredients of gold and collagen helping nourishing the skin to become soft and moist. It can be felt immediately after use. The ingredient of Aloe Vera can restructure the skin to become strong. In addition, there are ingredients that help reducing the inflammation of skin such as Mallow extract and Vitamin E reducing the inflammation of the pimples. NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap is gentle as it does not contain soap base and SLS which is harmful substance to the skin so that it can be safe for all skin types.

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NOWSO Madonna Lily

NOWSO Madonna Lily has been invented for Thai girls who want to have bright and white skin sustainably. With the combination of compounds in serum that can inhibit the formation of pigmentation at all skin layers, the results can be the solution to the problem of pigmentation at the source of the problem.

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